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Discover the gentler side of yoga with this 50-hour immersion that will teach you to calm the mind and body, rewire your nervous system, and create the nectar that feeds us all.

Make what you do sacred, not a chore. Appreciate the benefits of your routines and practices, and see how the art of caring for yourself, your Soul, is connected to the well-being of everything your life touches. Enrollment opens March 2020.

Make asana accessible and engaging for everyone. Understand the anatomy of the common groups of yoga postures, but go beyond and discover each shape's vital essence. Enrollment opens April 2020.

How do you step away from the herd and teach from a place of authenticity, creating a practice that transcends physical movement? This course designed especially for teachers will guide you past your fears and doubts, allowing you to step into your power and find your voice. Enrollment opens June 2020.

This online handbook takes you through over 70 asanas that can be incorporated into a gentle or restorative aerial yoga practice in a low hammock. Over two hours of video show you a variety of postures and include details on…

How do you find balance and follow the middle path in your yoga practice, in your teaching, in life? This course is all about developing the rituals and practices that will provide you with longevity & vitality in your practice without sacrificing the joys & pleasures that make life sweet! Enrollment opens November 2020.

Dive deep into the benefits of both sound and silence in the yoga practice. Explore the art of incorporating music, mantra, and instruments into your practice and your teaching. Understand the physiology of both sound & silence on the body and the nervous system. Enrollment opens August 2020.

This virtual handbook is meant for aerial yoga teachers. Explore the aerial hammock as a prop to enhance alignment of a number of traditional asanas.