Alignment-based Aerial Yoga Handbook

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This online course takes you through over 75 asanas that can be incorporated into an aerial yoga class. Nearly 4 hours of video takes you through a variety of postures and includes details on how each asana is benefitted by the support and feedback from the aerial yoga hammock. Multiple options are covered for some of the asanas, so you can explore different ways to assist and challenge the body in your aerial yoga class.

The asanas are organized to help you build sequences with ease. This course includes 78 videos, a sample sequence for a 2-hour workshop, and a downloadable master list of poses so you can add your notes as you embody each asana. The best part? It's easy to follow along, listening to the most common cues of how to come in and out of the postures, with video instead of a printed handbook.

Who this course is for: Aerial yoga teachers, yoga teachers with aerial experience, or experienced aerial yoga enthusiasts already familiar with aerial yoga.

What is included:

  • Nearly 4 hours of video covering 75+ asanas.
  • One 2-hour workshop sequence.
  • Master list of poses.

What is not covered:

  • How to install an aerial hammock.
  • Hammock safety.
  • In-depth instruction of sequencing, utilization of props, or anatomy.

Disclaimer: This course is meant to be a supplement to an aerial yoga teacher training. This course assumes you have prior knowledge of yoga, aerial yoga safety, and that your aerial yoga hammock has been installed by a licensed contractor or engineer in a place that is safe and structurally secure.
As always, be conscious of your body and how it is feeling today, in this moment. If you feel any pain, discomfort, or dizziness, you should stop practice immediately, and seek medical advice as appropriate. Never apply force to move into a position that is unsafe for your body. By utilizing this website, you agree to all Terms & Conditions including the Health & Safety Disclaimer.

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