La Dolce Vita :: The Sweet Foundations of Practice

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How do you find balance? How do you follow the middle path in your yoga practice, in your diet, in your all aspects of your life?

Music and sound are powerful communicators. Music has the ability to move us, to calm us, to agitate us. Sound is how we materialize that which we have downloaded; it is how we share and communicate our truth with the world.

La Dolce Vita is about developing rituals and practices that provide you with longevity, vitality, and health without sacrificing the joys and pleasures that make life sweet! Tap into your own divine guidance to navigate you through your yoga practice, to develop your daily self-care rituals, to illuminate and follow your purpose in life, to nourish your entire being. Develop radical trust in yourself and your journey, knowing the choices you make are right for you in this moment. Use the tools of yoga and ayurveda to discover how to hear the signs the universe provides, to see the guidance of your own inner Om Fairy.

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