Ritual :: The Art of Soul-Care

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From our morning cup of coffee to rolling out our mat to our evening wind down, our lives are studded with rituals. To remove these observances that mark the cycles of time would leave us feeling incomplete.

This immersion will bring awareness to all the ways ritual is entwined in our lives. We’ll look at how we operate: are we on auto-pilot, taking our daily and seasonal observances for granted, or is there a sense of reverence for routines we allow in our life? Bringing a sense of sacredness to our routine allows us to develop a deeper gratitude for the connections we have – to our environment, our nourishment, our family and friends, our lineage. Carrying out ritual, whether it is your morning shower or an elaborate puja, can be done with awareness and care or hurried and rushed. Moving through these moments with awareness creates a container, a safe space, a time immemorial, a place where all of the worries small and large fall away. Your attention is drawn to the act of connection with something larger than yourself. In this moment the veils of illusion part and you can see the divine play of the macrocosm and microcosm and sense your dance in the midst of this divine energy. You can see the art of caring for yourself, your Soul, and its connection to the wellbeing of all, not just one. In this moment, what you do becomes sacred, not a chore, and you appreciate the amazing benefits of your routines and practices.

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