Soma :: The Nectar of Life | a 50-hour Online Immersion

The moon is lit and nourished by the sun, and it is the moon where the divine nectar of immortality, Soma, resides.

Don’t be fooled by the “ease” of the gentler side of yoga. It is in these practices that our nourishment resides, where the wells are refilled to allow us to shine bright. We’ll dive into the nervous system, discovering how to regulate and fine-tune it, attuning our mind and body to our reality. We will look at restorative, yin, and gentle yogas, discovering their similarities and differences, and learning how to use each to the best of their abilities. We will explore how to create stand alone classes in these styles of yoga as well as how to leverage their benefits to incorporate the gentler movements into a blended style of practice.

Who This Is For

  • Dedicated yoga practitioners who wish to understand more about the science and philosophy of the practice
  • Those who have gone through a yoga teacher training but want to learn more about gentle yoga practices and their benefits
  • Anyone who is interested in how movement, meditation, and rest can renew and restore your body, enhancing your health and wellbeing

What’s Covered

  • A firm grounding in the gentler forms of yoga:
    • Overviews and practice of yin yoga, restorative yoga, meditation, pranayama, and yoga nidra
    • Developing a gentle yoga practice
    • Working with injuries
    • Aging and yoga
    • The benefits of gentle yoga practices & meditation – why it is more than “just laying around” or “doing nothing”
    • Differentiating between restorative and yin yoga
    • How to incorporate gentle forms of yoga into a blended style class
  • A deep dive into the nervous system’s components:
    • The anatomy and evolution of the brain
    • Understanding the autonomic nervous system
    • The physiological impact and biomechanics of the breath

What’s Included

  • 50 hours of content covered in the live immersion
  • A PDF version of the Soma YTT Manual
  • At least two opportunities to connect with Courtney live for questions and clarification
  • 50 Yoga Alliance non-contact continuing education hours


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